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Activate your own Life Force Energy

Experience your Bodies' Natural Capacity for Healing

Bioenergetic Therapy is a combination of massage and movement practices based on the bodies of work from Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen.

Designed to De-armour the body,

Metabolise old Trauma stored in the muscles and fascia,

Open your body to allow your life force to flow

and Activate your bodies ability to heal itself

Bioenergetic Therapy may include...


Trauma Release Exercises

Reichian Massage

Movement practices

As we intend to open your Energy Channels and
Increase your Capacity to Feel and Heal

Activate your Kundalini and
Take the Next Step on your Journey to
Holistic Health and Empowerment

Is this trauma therapy ?

Conscious Touch can enable us to access trauma that has been held in our bodies, sometimes unconsciously from birth or even past lives. The sacred space of the massage is a safe place where you are lovingly supported and guided to only go as far as you are comfortable, to titrate and to express whatever wants to come out.


I am trauma-informed and am trained to work with trauma reactions that may arise in our work together but in some circumstances additional support may be required from an independant counsellor or psychotherapist and sessions may be conducted in a triad or in close consultation with your existing therapist.

Gradient Fluid


D  - North West

"With you I feel a level of freedom I've never experienced before."

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As we allow life energy to penetrate us, flow through us in waves, this illusion of isolation disappears and we can experience ourselves as one with the ocean of life.

John Hawken
Realizations on The Paths of Transformation

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Are You Ready to Shake it off?

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