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Person-Centred Counselling

Where Nothing is Too Taboo to Talk About

and All of You is Welcome

Counselling as opposed to coaching, the different mentalities and personality types.


Sex coaching and the coaching mentality for me aligns with the mindset of striving to be better, by its nature it is goal orientated. Whilst this is not true of all coaches their attitude of having the answers can feel a little triggering to me. Perhaps they have a lot of expertise to share, but they don't know me. I have a tendency to feel less empowered and can get stuck in comparison.

As a counsellor my job is to meet you where you are at, as a fellow human being.

I will not give you advice or tell you what to do. 

I will listen and help you to explore what is present in your inner world.

Person-centred counselling and its symbiotic relationship with tantra paralells in the theory, why they work together,.

My usp - my dual qualification in counselling and tantra and my desire to honour both modalities for the gifts they offer

In my experience Sex is the one area that can be difficult to broach with a therapist, for fear that their views could be a little old school. I am supportive of all relationship constellations and all consensual (and legal) sexual activities. In fact I believe that opening to our sexual selves and exploring the depths of our erotic nature can reveal a lot about our patterns in other areas of life and can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

My Story

My counselling journey, where it took me, what I learnt and how it continues to change me

What is Sex Counselling?

Why might you seek counselling?

Perhaps you feel like there is more to life, that you are not living as fully as you could be.

Perhaps you feel isolated from others and long for connection but don't know how to find it.

Maybe you would the freedom to talk about your sex life or relationship desires with a neutral party. Someone who is authentic, open and non-judgmental.

Or maybe you want to find out who you truly are, what makes you happy so that you can make aligned choices. 

Your challenges may not be about sex... 


Whatever your current experience, know that you will be welcomed with kindness and generosity.

May You Shed What is Holding you Back from Becoming the Most Beautiful Version of You...I Look Forward to Welcoming You as You Emerge  

Counselling is available online or in person
7 days a week

Sessions are 1 hour

I offer sessions between 10am and 5pm at my home in Congleton

Online Sessions are also available in the evenings between 7 and 9pm

Enriching, Exciting, Rewarding, Challenging, Meaningful.
This process of the Good Life is not, I am convinced,
a life for the faint-hearted.
It incvolves the Stretching and Growing of Becoming
More and More of one's Potentialities. 
It involves the Courage to Be.
It means launching oneself fully into the Stream of Life.

Carl Rogers
Description of "The Good Life" in On Becoming a person

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Are you Ready to Discover Your True Self ? 

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