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To celebrate my relaunch I am offering

10% Off all sessions

Between May and August

Offer available for new and existing clients by registering online,
(excludes Sunday Pleasure Circles)

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Aurora Tantra

Open your Heart to Infinite Possibility 
through the Magic of Touch

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Sensual Massage

Heart-based connection

Sacred intimacy

Whether you are a seasoned tantrika looking to awaken your kundalini or you enjoy the simple pleasures of sensual touch, I have a session for you.

Perhaps you want to feel held, to feel sexy, or feel empowered again.

Maybe you would like to practice intimacy skills after a long time alone,

I offer a range of sessions including talking, cuddles and massage, we can even connect virtually for a beautiful guided pleasure journey.

Wherever you are on your journey with touch,

I hope to create a safe and welcoming space for you.


I offer healing sessions for the Heart, Sex, Body & Spirit, inspired by the elements of

Earth, Fire, Water and Air

expertley blended to create a unique cocktail just for you.


My approach to tantra is to offer client-led touch, given in alignment with your intention and with the consciousness of both giver and receiver.  ​

Sessions are co-created in-line with the person-centred approach and my personal philosophy that​


You are your own expert, you know what you need.

 You are invited to tune in to the wisdom of your heart and body and guide my touch to receive  exactly what you need in each moment.​



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Check out my latest Newsletter for the lastest updates on me, my energy and my offerings.
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Price List

                 Standard         Summer of
                    Rate             Love Rate     

90 mins      £145       /       £130
2 hours       £190      /       £170
2.5 hours    £235      /       £214
3 hours       £285      /       £255


My Availability

  ~ Available on the phone to take Enquiries ~
Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

~ Massage Appointments ~
Sundays 2pm
Monday to Friday 10am or 2pm
Monday to Thursday 7pm

~ Appointments available in Salford ~
10am or 2pm on the following days:
Thursday 25th July
Thursday 15th August
Thursday 19th September
Thursday 14th November

~ Virtual Appointments ~
Sundays between 11am and 9pm
Monday to Thursday 10am to 9pm
Fridays 10am to 6pm




If you have had a session with me I would love to hear what you thought, and if something held you back from booking in, let me know what stopped you.

Whether this is positive or constructive, I welcome the opportunity to learn and grow as I evolve my offering to meet the needs of my clients. 


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I feel like a new man and it's all thanks to your amazing hands and touch!

Mark ~ Massage Client

Feel what's possible for you . . .

The more beautiful world my heart knows is possible is a world with a lot more pleasure; a lot more touch, a lot more love making, a lot more hugging, a lot more deep gazing into each other's eyes...We need only sacrifice the habit, deeply ingrained, of choosing a lesser pleasure over a greater.
Charles Eisenstein 
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

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Drop me a message or give me a call on
07502 763894


Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!


Based in a discreet location in Congleton, Cheshire

Address provided upon booking

Sessions also available at a studio in Salford 

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