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Aurora Tantra


Supporting you to receive the Touch, Pleasure and Intimacy that you crave

Explore your Pleasure

Feel your Resistance

Find your Edge

Expand your Awareness

Experience Transformational Tantra Massage

Enter my tantric temple space

Experience being enveloped by loving kindness

Be Received with compassion, warmth and gentleness

Feel the healing power of platonic touch

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Feel your Authentic Yes and No

Explore the Dynamics of Control and Surrender

Explore your Shadow

Find your Medicine

Connect Deeper in intimacy together

Learn Conscious Relating

Come home to each other

A little something special

For the discerning tantric explorer. . .

An true immersion in tantric energy

Ready to dive in?

My Approach

I am a professional therapist using tantric principles and a unique blend of skills to provide a holistic service to my clients.  

I work with clients who have a desire to learn about themselves and feel empowered.

My Tantra training is in Transformational Tantra massage. This is a unique and expertly crafted offering from  John Hawken, which takes influences from many traditions and teachers including; 

Tantra - Osho & Margot Anand,

Bioenergetics - Wilhelm Reich & Alexander Lowen,

Taoism and Shamanism. 


I integrate Betty Martin’s ‘Wheel of Consent’ into my work, which is a valuable framework that supports my clients to understand and experience our (often messy) human interactions on a transactional level.


I also integrate Damien Bohler’s work on Authentic Relating. His model of domains of experiencing is useful to help us develop the capacity to tune in to what’s going on in the different layers of our complex being; to recognise, to differentiate and to communicate this to others in an authentic way.

My training in Person-Centred Counselling informs my way of being with clients and

how I show up in the world.


With this unique blend of modalities I aim to support clients with their journey towards experiencing greater intimacy and pleasure by working on a

somatic, emotional and cognitive level.



Boundaries and consent are fundamental to tantra and I ask that you respect mine in

all our interactions


 I offer Appointments 7 days a week,

Sundays are charged at time and a half

I do not offer same or next-day appointments

I kindly request 7 days notice for bookings.

For Enquiries and Bookings please contact me during my Office Hours:  Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm

My preferred method of contact for enquiries is via email.

Unsolicited calls and texts will receive an automated message directing you to my website to book a call with me.

Due to the personal nature of this work I have a

formal intake process in place to protect both

myself and my clients, and to maintain the

integrity of the work.


The more beautiful world my heart knows is possible is a world with a lot more pleasure; a lot more touch, a lot more love making, a lot more hugging, a lot more deep gazing into each other's eyes...We need only sacrifice the habit, deeply ingrained, of choosing a lesser pleasure over a greater.

Charles Eisenstein 
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

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Prices start at £42 per hour

I am committed to making my services as accessible as possible.

You can choose the length of your session 

1 hour -Cuddles only

2 to 3 hours - Tantric Bodywork & Conscious Kink

4 hours plus - Nights

I also operate a tiered pricing system, Inviting you to feel into

what you are able to afford.




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