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Tantra Massage and Intimacy Coaching


The Tantric Path has opened my life up to new experiences and possibilities ...


What is Tantra?

An experiential path using touch to bring consciousness to the body, which allows us to access traumas and behaviours from our sub-conscious leading to greater clarity about what is holding us back from living a fuller, more authentic life, and providing the opportunity for personal growth and deep healing.


In the sacred space of a tantra massage, you are able to define and assert your boundaries and learn that you have choice and voice.


Tantra is about cultivating intimacy, first with ourselves through self awareness, then in communion with others.


Once we learn to cultivate a sense of safety within ourselves and more regulation within our nervous system, we can learn to develop this capacity with our intimate connections and our wider community.


We all have patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that affect how we live our lives on many levels. These beliefs and patterns may be blocking your sense of freedom, your ability to open up to more pleasure in your life, or holding you back from stepping into the truest expression of who you are.

Tantra holds a mirror up to help you to see yourself and your patterns more clearly.

It is this embodied knowledge that can lead to the expansion of your own self and your way of being in the world, as you realize the fullness of who you are,  as you open yourself up to greater freedom, choice and actualization.


Is the zone of Transformational Tantra

This is where the magic happens!

     When we can strip away who we aren't designed to be, then we can start to be more of who we are.  
Damien Bohler

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My Approach

I am a professional therapist using tantra and tantric principles to provide a holistic service to my clients.  

The body does not lie, we hold all of our physical, emotional and energetic experiences within our physical body and these can build up and cause dysfunction.

So often we live in a state of detachment from our bodies. Through Tantra Massage I aim to help you to connect to your body and cultivate a channel of communication, which in turn can support you to have more embodied experiences in life and with your intimate partner(s).

My Tantra training is in Transformational Tantra massage. This is a unique and expertly crafted offering from  John Hawken, which takes influences from many traditions and teachers including; 

Tantra - Osho & Margot Anand,

Bioenergetics - Wilhelm Reich & Alexander Lowen,

Taoism and Shamanism. 


I integrate Betty Martin’s ‘Wheel of Consent’ into my work, which is a valuable framework that supports my clients to understand and experience our (often messy) human interactions on a transactional level.


I also integrate Damien Bohler’s work on Authentic Relating. His model of domains of experiencing is useful to help us to develop the capacity to tune in to what’s going on in our complex being. To recognise, to differentiate and to communicate this to others in an authentic way.


With this unique blend of modalities I aim to support clients with their journey towards experiencing greater intimacy and pleasure by working on a somatic, emotional and cognitive level.

Conscious Connection Classes
​*Coming soon*

Over the last five years whilst training in tantra and counselling, I have explored many workshops and events in the field of conscious sexuality and authentic relating. I consciously sought out spaces, teachers and resources to help me learn to connect with others at a deeper level.

I realised that what I was seeking was intimacy.


I am really excited about my new offering which is in development;

Conscious connection classes, will include a mixture of communication exercises, conscious touch and tantric massage practices to help you to be more present with yourselves and with each other.

I am hoping to facilitate these in-person at a local yoga studio in Autumn 2022.

Contact me to register your interest and find out more

Intimacy Coaching
*Coming soon*

I will soon be bringing together all the teachings I have gathered on tantra, intimacy and communication skills in a special offering for Couples, supporting them to deepen their connection whilst exploring tantric pleasure together.

In Intimacy coaching  we will take a deeper dive into the exercises introduced in Conscious Connection Class and there will be more spaciousness to explore longer and deeper practices in an intimate, private setting.

Contact me to register your interest and find out more.


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