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 Feel the Joy of Sexual Pleasure

Enjoy Tender Connection, Intimacy and Respect

With a Kind and Caring Soul


I believe we are all entitled to experience the delights of sexual expression.

We all need touch

We all desire connection

A sensual massage with me may be part of our Pleasure Therapy journey, 

But often a sensual massage IS pleasure therapy.

Particularly for those whose means of sexual expression are limited by circumstance, injury or disability.


If this is you - I see you.

Sexual expression is a vital part of the human experience and can have so many positive benefits on our physiology and mood, energy levels and motivation.

Connect with your sexual energy and watch the magic unfold....


If you are able-bodied and seeking support with sexual patterns or dysfunction, 

I welcome your enquiry for Pleasure Therapy.


Sensual Massage as a stand-alone offering is reserved for those whose opportunities for sexual connection are limited. 



I offer mobile sessions for those who have mobility challenges and I may be able to visit you in a residential setting.

Support may be required from your carer before and after sessions, as I do not undertake any aspects of personal care.

Please read my FAQ page for specifics about session lengths and pricing.

Boundaries will be agreed on an individual basis, so please book a call with me to find out more.

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The Essential Requirement to Cure Psychic Disturbances is the Re-establishment of the Natural Capacity for Love.

Wilhelm Reich
The Function of the Orgasm

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Gradient Fluid


D  - North West

"With you I feel a level of freedom I've never experienced before."

Sensual Massage is available 
6 days and 2 evenings every week

Sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes,

(2 hours for your first session)

Available at my home in Congleton and at your place.

I Look Forward to Connecting with You

Are You Ready to Feel Sexy?

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