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Does your self-pleasure practice feel a little forced?

Maybe even a bit boring?

Do you struggle to make pleasure a priority?

Perhaps You Would Like Some Company?

Feel the Magic of Connection

Be seen and witnessed

Say Hello to Guided Self-Pleasure Sessions !

Allow me to guide your next self-pleasure session, offering you new and intuitive

ways of touching yourself over video call.

Do you wish to learn the tantric keys and extend your experience?

Perhaps you long to deepen your experience of connection and intimacy by

sharing your most personal moments with another human.



Do you desire a regular pleasure practice?

Challenge the demons of procrastination and resistance by

sharing your practice with me, I'll keep you accountable.


Be guided by me in the comfort of your own home.

Perhaps you simply desire witnessing in all your glory.

You can set up your space exactly as you like it, with

 blankets, pillows, incense, music. . . Whatever turns you on.

We will journey together to new depths of intuitive, connected self-touch.

Re-ignite the connection  with your pleasure, in a safe space.

May the erotic energy flow and spiral between us to ever higher domains.

This is Just For You x


The Healing Power of Self-Touch


Sex is magic. 

It's quantum physics

 Orgasmic energy can have a profound impact on our mood, our energy levels, our motivation and how we show up in the world.

But you don't need to have sex to feel the benefit of this powerful force of nature.

You Can Fill Your Own Cup

By choosing to prioritise pleasure on a regular basis you are literally re-wiring your brain and creating the pattern for more fulfilling intimacy in your future relationships.

You are signalling to the universe that this is how you want your future lover touch you.

Regular self-pleasure is self care.

It generates oxytocin and is a great way to relieve stress and drop into the parasympathetic nervous system.


Our society is becoming increasingly isolated.

Shiftwork, long hours and working away or off-shore leaves many feeling disconnected from other human beings.

We reach out for connection on online dating apps, only to have our hopes raised and shattered time and time again, leaving us feeling drained and disappointed.

I offer Pleasure Therapy, guided self-touch or tantric connection


As my contribution to a more beautiful world

I am reliable,

I am available to you,

at a time that works for you. 

 Unwind with me ...

Appointments available between 10-5pm and

Evenings between 7-9pm Monday to Saturday


Online booking for virtual sessions is coming soon...

A discovery call is a mandatory requirement for all new clients.

Are You Ready to Touch Yourself Like Never Before?

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