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Sunday Self Pleasure Circles

Join my online circle, where you can experience all of the magic of my Virtual Tantra Offering, on alternate Sundays, on a Pay from the Heart basis. 

Available from October to March to see you through the dark winter nights.

Supporting you to feel connected to yourself and others,
to slow down, breathe, and expand your repertoire.

Feel the magic of a group energetic field as we journey together in pleasure.
We will try new things, explore sensations, energy and pleasure together.

That we May Allow more Love and Desire to Flow Within and Between us.

Maybe you need a bit of inspiration, self-discipline or motivation....

Perhaps you will be aroused by my voice....

Or maybe you will enjoy watching or being watched.

Whatever your Medicine . . . You are Welcome here.

Next Circle:
Sunday 26th
7.30- 9pm

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House Rules

Please read the Code of Conduct upon registering. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in you being removed from the circle. 


Minimum technology requirements are: 

•    A stable internet connection and confidence using Google Meet.

•    A laptop or tablet that can be placed close to you enabling you to be hands free.

•    A private space where you will not be disturbed.

Mutual Respect and Confidentiality is of paramount importance and is a joint responsibility of all attendees. 

If you do not wish to be visible you may leave your camera off during the self-touch practices but I ask that all participants have their camera on at the beginning.

You are invited to pin me as the focus of your attention or watch in gallery view.

Please arrive on time, ready to begin. Entry will be restricted once we have started. 

Hard No's

Breaches of these rules will result in you being removed from the circle:

Do not dial in from a car, public space or any other inappropriate environment.

Virtual tantra involves a one-way energy exchange. I will not be engaging in self-pleasure during the sessions. I ask that you do not request for me to touch myself or remove my clothes.

Intolerance or hate of any kind directed towards me or any other participant will not be tolerated and will result in you being blocked from the circle. 

Donations are Gratefully Received

These can be made via paypal to @auroratantra

I invite you to feel into the value of this space and make a contribution that feels right and affordable to you,

and if that is £0, I respect this and lovingly offer the space to you for free.  

Suggested Donation Scale

I am financially stable and can afford a few luxuries ~  £25.00

I am doing  OK ~ £15.00

I am struggling right now ~ £8.00


Sign me up:

Click here for meeting link and Code of Conduct

I look forward to seeing you online!

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