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The Summer of Love

I am really excited to be relaunching my tantra offering this month, I have been on quite a journey of self-discovery these last 6 months coming off the back of a difficult bereavement 10 months ago, I now feel ready to share myself with my clients at a deep level again.


The word ‘journey’ may be triggering for some, surfacing demons of entitlement and privilege. For others you may be imagining that I have been travelling round India, practising yoga or spending time in a community. Actually, I have been exploring the 9-5 world for a while, and I have learnt a lot about myself in the process.


I know that I am capable of a lot more than I thought I was,

I know that I have a unique perspective on the world, and

I know that I must share my gifts, this is what fuels our inner fire, igniting our life force energy, ushering in a more beautiful world of conscious connection.


So how has my perspective changed?


Previously I focused heavily on the therapeutic aspect of tantra, wanting to practice all the amazing massages from John Hawken that are designed to open our hearts, mind, body and spirit to universal oneness. I offered Reichian massages that were designed to release old patterns and clear channels for life force energy to flow. This was great, but the market was very niche!

So, I have shifted the therapeutic aspect of my work to a new website

This will be the home for all things ‘Bodywork’, along with my formal Counselling offering and Mentoring for greater connection and intimacy for individuals and couples.


This means Aurora Tantra can be what it was designed to be – purely about pleasure!


Through my journey exploring counselling and tantra I have cultivated a pure way of being that is non-judgmental, compassionate, warm and open and it is this energy that makes a sensual massage with me so special.

We can explore all of the domains of the heart, mind, body, sex and spirit in whatever way you choose. I am handing the reigns over to you. No more session plans, let’s just be with what is present and desired in the moment.


What else is new?


I have revised my prices and with this comes more flexibility with two-way touch and mutual undress, this is something that will be offered freely if the energy and moment feels right. (I am still offering a limited number of sessions at a concessionary rate.)

All in-person massage sessions include a complimentary 45 minutes of integration time. This is time for you to sit quietly and contemplate on your experience. I offer you space alone in my delightful sunroom or out in the garden taking in the view. Time for you to ‘Bask in the Bliss’ as my favourite astrologer Pam Gregory says! Why not stay in your sarong a bit longer and get some sun and air on your skin.


I have also changed up my space and will be offering massages in the sunroom as standard, although if you prefer the privacy of the lounge this is available on request. There is also the option of open-air massage on the garden terrace (weather dependant!), where you can feel the breeze on your bare skin and really feel at one with nature.


I am also working hard to create a brand new private members area on my website where you will be able to see my availability in real time, access my Agreement, answer any onboarding questions and book and pay for your session with me.

I also have a little treat up my sleeve that will allow members to access virtual sessions in the moment, without the need to pre-book!

So sign up now for 10% off sessions until the end of August.


With all of this evolution I hope you can see why I have dubbed 2024, the Summer of Love!


I look forward to welcoming you, to the new Aurora Tantra experience x x


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