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Tantra Sharing

A space for like minded-souls to come together in community, to share their learnings, practices and challenges.

I will hold space for open discussions about all things Tantra

This is not a space for those new to tantra,
I do not share guided practices or teachings,
The circle is for those who are on the path to enlightement through kundalini and tantric awakening.

Participants are all known to me, to maintain the safety and sanctity of the space.

Existing clients can enquire.


Next Circle:
Tuesday 12th December
7.30- 9pm

Ball Shaped Bubble

Next Circle:
Coming soon

Ball Shaped Bubble

House Rules

Minimum techonology requirements are: 

•    A stable internet connection and confidence using Google Meet.

•    A laptop or tablet that can be placed close to you enabling you to be hands free.

•    A private space where you will not be disturbed.

Mutual Respect and Confidentiality is of paramount importance and is a joint responsibility of all attendees. 

You are kindly requested to have your camera on at all times. 


Donations are welcome at any time and are gratefully received

These can be made via paypal to @auroratantra

I invite you to feel into the value of this space and make a contribution that feels right and affordable to you, and if that is £0, I respect this and lovingly offer the space to you for free.  

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