What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is a broad term that I use to describe any form of touch-based exercise or massage that may be incorporated in a therapy session with me.

Transformational Tantra massage is client-led touch. 


You are invited to guide my touch within an agreed framework. Sessions are therefore co-created in-line with the person-centred approach and my personal philosophy that

You are the expert on your own body.

A typical session may include a meditation, some movement or consent exercises before moving on to a main 'structure'.

A structure may be a somatic exercise that is done fully clothed.


A structure may be a hands-on massage of your whole body, for which you are invited to be naked.



Between these poles exist a whole range of possibilities ...

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How can Tantra Massage support you?

I believe everyone can benefit from receiving a Tantra Massage, but there are those for whom it could be especially helpful.  Those of us who are;


  • Looking to cultivate an awareness of energy.

  • Looking to connect to our spirituality via our bodies and our pleasure.

  • Struggling with any aspect of our sexual expression or functioning.

  • On a personal development journey and seeking to deepen our self-awareness.

  • Lacking touch and seeking a safe and non-judgmental space where we can experience it.

  • Struggling with body confidence issues or body dysmorphia.

  • Feeling discomfort with our gender identity or going through a transition.

  • Recovering from traumatic sexual experiences in our past.

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Intentions are a key part of tantra and are a key tool in maintaining the integrity and transparency of the therapeutic process.

It is my intention to support clients to get to know their bodies, their blocks and their sources of pleasure, through the power of touch.


As a new client I will ask you:

What is your intention for seeking out this therapy?

Example intentions could be:

  • To find out who I am.

  • To develop my capacity for intimacy

  • To feel more present during sex and in my life.

  • To get my touch needs met

  • To support my emotional and spiritual wellbeing

  • To be able to feel more pleasure

  • To feel more confident in my body

  • To learn to speak up for myself.

  • To learn what I like and what I don’t.

  • To improve my relationship with my body and its limitations.

Is this trauma therapy?

Tantra massage can enable us to access trauma that has been held in our bodies, sometimes unconsciously from birth or even past lives. The sacred space of the massage is a safe place where you are lovingly supported and guided to only go as far as you are comfortable, to titrate and to express whatever wants to come out.


I am trauma-informed and am trained to work with trauma reactions that may arise in our work together but in some circumstances additional support may be required from a counsellor or psychotherapist.


Tantra massage may be offered alongside psychotherapy, and sessions may be conducted in a triad or in close consultation with your talk therapist.

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My Boundaries


  • Sessions are a minimum of 1hr 30 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours long. 

  • I do not offer same or next-day appointments.

  • During the sessions I always remain fully clothed

  • Touch is one-way only.


I am based in Congleton, Cheshire and offer appointments between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Saturday.

Due to the personal nature of this work there is a formal intake process in place to protect both myself and my clients and to maintain the integrity of the work.

Keen to find out more?


Let's have a conversation.


I found the session really inciteful and feel it has significantly helped with my body confidence and how I view myself. 

S - Macclesfield

It was great meeting you, Holly. You are amazing at what you do and managed [to] make me feel better about myself. It's been a long time since I've felt excitement in my chest and I'm glad it's still there.

I now have hope.

G - Stoke on trent