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Nights are a Longer Immersion in Tantric Energy

I offer half or full day immersions by invitation only


Let's get Intimate

A bespoke offering and an opportunity for discerning individuals to co-create something really special.

An extended immersion in tantric energy, rituals and massage.

Quality time


Tantric touch


Mutual pleasure

Below are two packages that I currently offer but I invite you to

let your imagination run wild

and ask for something you truly desire.


Would you like to experience a woman in


Quality time to connect our energies and bodies.

Feel like a divine being, enveloped in my warm loving kindness and leave feeling energised and renewed.

In this 4 hour session;

I will create sacred space and introduce tantric rituals and consent practices.

We can explore Tantra Massage together

with the freedom to journey wherever the energy takes us.

4 hours - £450

By invitation only

Full Day 

A day full of Possibilities

I invite you to feel held and nurtured by my presence;

 We begin with a landing ritual ~ time to talk openly, to share your deepest thoughts, feelings and desires in a safely held space.

We will create Sacred Space together

Your heart may desire some healing cuddles

We may explore tantric rituals, consent practices and massage

We will break out for a cosy lunch together

Then continue to journey deeper together in physical and energetic connection.

8 hours - £900

By invitation only

Gradient Fluid


D  - North West

"With you I feel a level of freedom I've never experienced before."

Are you Ready to go Deeper?

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