A bespoke offering and an opportunity for discerning individuals to co-create something really special.

An extended immersion in tantric energy, rituals and massage.

Quality time


Tantric touch

Mutual pleasure

The Magic of Anticipation

Freedom to explore Pleasure and Pain.

The Rapture of Fulfillment.

Will you ask for what you truly desire?


Christmas Lights


How would you like to spend Christmas 2022?

Picture cosy cuddles and gentle caresses in front of a blazing fire... 

Scintillating conversations over mulled wine and Christmas treats.

A Hot tub under the stars... 

Exchanging gifts in front of a gloriously decked tree...

I am offering the unique opportunity for one very special person to to co-create a very special Christmas experience and spend,

Christmas Eve


 Christmas Night

with me.

What more could you wish for xx

New Year

Planning to spend New Year's Eve alone?

Fancy some company?

Christmas is a wholesome affair, New year is a whole different ball game.


Think fetishes, BDSM, and all things Kink.

You choose the location and I'll bring the toys.


Be careful what you wish for xx

 I am accepting enquiries about these very special offerings now via my contact form or you can book a Discovery Call with me to find out more.

I am looking to be paid fairly for my time and expertise, but there are some things that are more important to me than money. My about page has plenty of hints of what I may find too tempting to pass up...