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Experience a Pleasure Massage

We are conditioned by society to live in a state of detachment from our bodies.

Tantra Massage helps you to re-connect to your self, your body, your emotions,  your spirit and your energy and opens a channel of communication between all your domains supporting you to feel aligned and empowered.



It is simply client-led touch, given with intention and consciousness.  

Transformational Tantra Massage (TTM) was created by John Hawken and fuses a unique blend of techniques, usin touch to bring consciousness to your body, allowing you to access traumas and behaviours stored deep in your sub-conscious. This can lead to greater clarity about what is holding you back from living a fuller, more authentic life.

We hold all of our physical, emotional and energetic experiences within our physical body and if not released these can build up and cause dysfunction. TTM sessions often begin with de-armouring these key areas of the body.


TTM gives you the opportunity for powerful self development and deep healing through tapping into your sexual life force energy using the tantric keys of breath, sound and movement.


In the sacred space of a Tantric Bodywork Session, you are able to define and assert your boundaries and learn that you have choice and voice. We will explore your Yes and No, your blocks and your patterns all the while weaving our way towards your ultimate intention.


What is Transformational Tantra Massage?

What is Transformational about it?

Transformational Tantra massage is not your average tantra massage, it is more closely aligned with sex coaching modalities.

It is about bringing Energy and Consciousness to turn a massage into an opportunity for deep healing.

My focus is not on giving you pleasure, but on supporting you to have an experience for your highest good.

(And no, that is not an excuse for not getting you off ! )

I bring Consciousness through regular dialogue when giving touch. This supports you to be present and feel what your body wants, not what you think you should want.

      A session with me may include;                  

 Touch-based exercises 


Bioenergetic exercises



Talking therapy

Conscious Kink

All of which are aimed at giving you an experience of


Healing,  Energy or Pleasure.

Depending on your intention we may oscillate between all of the above over the course of our work together.

Over a series of sessions the process of change could look something like this;

Notice . . . Feel . . . De-armour . . . Re-sensitize . . . Enjoy

Sessions are co-created in-line with the person-centred approach and my personal philosophy that

You are the expert on your own body.

You know what you need.

 You are invited to tune in to the wisdom of your body and use this to guide my touch and receive  exactly what you need in each moment.

How can Tantric Bodywork Support you?

I believe everyone can benefit from bodywork, but it can be especially helpful if you want to;

Cultivate an awareness of energy

Connect to your spirituality

or if you are;

Struggling with any aspect of your sexual expression or functioning.

On a personal development journey and seeking to deepen your self-awareness.

Lacking touch and seeking a safe and non-judgmental space where you can experience it.

Struggling with body confidence issues or body dysmorphia.

Feeling discomfort with your gender identity or going through a transition.

Recovering from traumatic sexual experiences in your past.

You are welcome here

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Is this trauma therapy?

Tantric Bodywork can enable us to access trauma that has been held in our bodies, sometimes unconsciously from birth or even past lives. The sacred space of the massage is a safe place where you are lovingly supported and guided to only go as far as you are comfortable, to titrate and to express whatever wants to come out.


I am trauma-informed and am trained to work with trauma reactions that may arise in our work together but in some circumstances additional support may be required from a counsellor or psychotherapist.

Tantric bodywork may be offered alongside psychotherapy, and sessions may be conducted in a triad or in close consultation with your talk therapist.


Intentions are a key part of tantra and are a key tool in maintaining the integrity and transparency of the therapeutic process.

As a new client and throughout the therapeutic process I will ask you what your intention is and this will provide the theme for our explorations together.

Intentions are varied and deeply person but they don't have to be profound. Yours could be to;

Find out who I am

Get out of my head and into my body

Learn to relax

See if I can feel more pleasure

Feel more confident in my body

Practice asking for what I want.

Learn what I like and what I don’t

Improve my relationship with my body and its limitations.



D  - North West

"With you I feel a level of freedom I've never experienced before."

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The Consciousness of Bliss is found through what is True, what is Real; 
Realising what is Real and True Brings us Home to Ourselves in the Experience of Bliss

John Hawken
Realizations on The Paths of Transformation

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Are You Ready to Open to Possibility?

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