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May my Kindness, Warmth and Compassion,
Fill your Heart, Soothe your Soul and leave you Feeling Seen, Heard and Deeply Met.



We have all experienced hugs that are not really hugs, sometimes there is no bodily contact at all. These can feel insincere, like a charade, a means of going through the motions without any energetic investment.

A conscious cuddle is the opposite.

I give you my undivided attention, and physical and energetic presence whilst we are together.


This is a rare thing. A thing of healing. A superpower.  

Enter a space where you can shed the roles and masks that you wear, I invite you to leave your life at the door, relax and soften into your true self.

Allow your inner child to feel the love, attention and nurture it craves.

Feel the power of human connection and oxytocin enveloping your body, mind, heart and soul.


Re-ignite your own loving heart energy. 

Allow yourself to receive a gift from my heart to yours.

What is a Conscious Cuddle ?

Cuddles is my most accessible offering...
because it feels sooooo good!

Seasonal Offer

Pop in for Cacao & Cuddles

Available throughout December and January

On a Pay from the Heart basis

(as opposed to my usual hourly rate you are invited to pay what you feel )

A warm hug and a warm heart when you need it most

This is an ideal way for us to reconnect if you haven't been to see me for a while. May way of working has evolved significantly over the last year so why not come and have a chat and see what is possible now.

Perhaps you are thinking of coming for a massage session and would like the opportunity to connect and chat first.

If the festive season leaves you feeling flat, stressed or energetically drained this could be a perfect spiritual pick me up.

I use Cacao on a daily basis for my own heart opening practice. And taking it together I intend it to open and melt our hearts, facilitating genuine connection and a flow of love within and around us.


Feel the Healing Power of Touch

This is a stand alone offering and can also be incorporated within a  

Tantra Massage Session

All touch is platonic and to be explicitly negotiated at the time to ensure mutual consent.

Talking is welcome however these sessions do not constitute professional counselling.

Touch of the genitals and breast area is not permitted.

You are requested to remain clothed, however loose clothing is recommended.

I remain clothed for these sessions.

All sessions are One Hour only


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The Essential Requirement to Cure Psychic Disturbances is the Re-establishment of the Natural Capacity for Love.

Wilhelm Reich
The Function of the Orgasm

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Set Yourself up for the Day Ahead
or Unwind with me ...

Sessions are 1 hour

Available at my home in Congleton

Early morning and early evening appointments are available

Exclusively for Cuddle clients

I Look Forward to Feeling you Melt

Are You Ready to be held?

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