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Did you know that intimacy is something we need to consciously cultivate?

It doesn't just happen. It is through relationships we can access the most love and fulfilment and yet we weren't taught the basic skills needed to make them work, let alone be harmonious and deeply fulfilling.

I am passionate about helping couples create new habits that will change how you relate to each other.

I use tantric principles and tools with the intention of bringing more Energy and Consciousness to your relationship.

Most nights we are so tired that we just sit infront of the TV.

We have sex once a week or maybe a few times a month, when he's in the mood.

I've kind of gone off sex since the menopause, so we don't really do it much and when we do I'm pleased when it's over.

Health problems have made sex difficult for us.

We've been together so long it's just comfortable,

we're like best friends who live together.

Don't worry, I've been there. That's why I have dedicated the last five years of my life learning all I can about how to create more fulfilling relationships, and I can't wait to share what I have learned.

Does your current experience look a little like this?

Couple on a Walk

Set Your

Create your own Road Map

Perhaps you set some relationship goals this year and would like some help achieving them, or perhaps you

yearn to have a relationship where you can:

Feel more deeply met by your partner.

Have more quality time together.

Have fun together.

Bring back the spark.

Communicate openly and vulnerably.

Be honest about how you feel without fearing a confrontation.

Find your own way of doing relationships that works for you.

Explore relating with multiple partners.

Do you Desire a Conscious Relationship?

Are you Longing to Rekindle that Spark
and Feel Connected on a Deeper Level?

Some of the Juicy things we might do together...

Conscious Communication Practices

Tantric ritual

Feeling the Power of Energy and Intention

Embodiment practices

Conscious Touch Practices

Vulnerable communication practices designed to help you feel safe 

to open up and feel truly met.​

Learn Tantra Massage techniques​

Experience Yoni and Lingam massage​

Experience 4-handed massage

Are You Ready to Really Connect?



D  - North West

"With you I feel a level of freedom I've never experienced before."

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