The Intake Process

Discovery Call

The first step in the intake process is to book a 30-minute discovery call with me.

My office hours for new enquiries are three Thursday afternoons/evenings a month. You can book an appointment with me using Calendly below.


I am flexible and can work around your requirements for audio and/or video call. My preference is Google Meet but I can do Zoom or Teams (please make a request in the Accessibility box).


If you have any other accessibility requirements about this or any other aspect of my intake process, please get in touch as I am keen to remove barriers wherever possible.


If we decide that we are a good fit for each other, I will then send you my Agreement and ask you to pay a deposit for your first session (the equivalent of 1 x my hourly rate). Once received I will send you my intake questionnaire.


And so it begins...

The intake questionnaire is a deep dive into your sexual history and patterns. This may bring up a lot of emotions and you may require support when completing it. Please be kind to yourself and allow yourself plenty of space and time to connect with the questions.

You may need to leave it and come back to it several times or it may all come flooding out. This is all part of the therapeutic process.

If you feel that you would like some support to complete this questionnaire or share this information with me in another format, I am happy to do this together in our first session.

Our First Session

I am committed to working in a person-centred way so all touch will be guided by your intention and ultimate aim for seeking out this therapy. As such, our first session together will be an hour-long coaching discussion to explore the questions on the intake form in more depth,  and to set an intention for our work together. This may be done virtually or in person. This can also be tagged on to our first massage session.

This is an important requirement of the process and cannot be skipped and depending on what comes up more than one session of talking may be required.


Book your Discovery call with me below

I look forward to accompanying you on your voyage of self-discovery